• Il Brigantino, a seafood restaurant in the center of Ravenna

  • Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience!

    -Guy Fieri-

  • There's nothing more romantic than Italian food

  • One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well...

    -Virginia Woolf-

  • In questo locale potrai vedere tutte le partite della tua squadra del cuore

    Sky - Dazn

  • Pasta Tirata al mattarello

    Cappelletti Tagliatelle Strozzapreti

  • Dal mare a Tavola

  • Gli Odori e i Sapori di Una Volta

    Ingredienti di Primissima scelta

  • Quando La Tradizione S'incontra Con L'innovazione

    Mani Esperte Al Vostro Servizio

  • Siamo Sempre Aperti Pranzo & Cena

    Vi Aspettiamo

  • A Pranzo Puoi Usufruire Anche Del Menu' A Prezzo Fisso

    Menu' Aziendale

  • Organizziamo Matrimoni Cresime Comunioni e Cerimonie

    Adatto Per Cene di Gruppo & Famiglie

  • Si Cucina Sempre Pensando a Qualcuno Altrimenti Stai Solo Preparando Da Mangiare


Il Brigantino


A stone's throw from the center, in a welcoming family setting, the Brigantino restaurant will make you feel at home, with the experience and professionalism of a big restaurant.


In the center of Ravenna, a restaurant with local cuisine and some typical Sicilian dishes



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We use fresh and genuine products

We enhance the Sicilian excellence

When one thinks of Etna, images of boundless and uncontaminated landscapes come to mind and the taste of its fine wines on the palate.

 But if we try to sharpen the sight we can see springs of pure water; breathing deeply we would smell the honey of Sicilian black bees; talking to those who live in these dark lands every day we would discover an ingenious and passionate people, industrious and accustomed to the challenges of a rich but difficult territory.